LiquiVive® Liquid Vitamins Nutritional Supplement - Expiry February 2019

We believe this is a fantastic product, and is on a par with Intramax, but at less than half the cost.

This Comphrehensive Liquid Vitamin Supplement Containing More Than 200 Total Nutrients May Be The Answer To Providing You With Your Basic Nutritional Foundation For Optimal Health and Well Being.

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60 items in stock

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Just One Ounce Of LiquiVive® Liquid Vitamins Nutritional Supplement Per Day Covers Your Basic Nutritional liquid vitamins Needs, Gives You the Highest Possible Bodily Absorption, and Helps You Keep Your Immune System Running In Tip-Top Shape.

About Life Miracle

Life Miracle® is a pioneer in liquid vitamin and nutritional supplement technology, with more than sixteen years of experience and expertise in liquid nutrition development. In 1996, it launched one of the first liquid nutritional supplements the world had ever seen, and has been refining and perfecting it ever since. LiquiVive® is the culmination of that experience and development in pursuit of creating the ultimate liquid vitamin nutritional supplement.Life Miracle are innovators, pioneers, and yes, experts in the field. Over a decade and a half, they have used our experience and expertise to create a liquid supplement packed with an amazing amount of "good stuff" in its most absorbable form.

LiquiVive is 100% plant derived and cold processed, which is much more expensive to manufacture and source, but it maximizes the absorbability by the human body that nature intended. DRINK TO YOUR HEALTH. What is it worth to you to feel youthful and boost your immune system so you can have great nutritional health? Getting the right nutrition in the right amounts every single day is the "secret" fountain of youth and health mankind has vitamins sought for centuries. Health care professionals have long recognized the problems in vitamin and mineral assimilation and absorption.

LiquiVive® liquid vitamins and colloidal minerals are utilized by the body almost 100%, compared to only 10 to 20% assimilation of pills. This means that you'd have to swallow a quarter of a bottle of multi-vitamin pills to equal the same nutritional assimilation in one fluid ounce of LiquiVive®. Unlike most supplements which are synthetic, LiquiVive® comes from an all-natural 100% vegetarian whole food plant source. It tastes fantastic, and because of its liquid form, is much easier to take than pills. Normal supplements leech nutrients from synthetic, unnatural sources that do not synergize well with the human body's intricate design.

Taking one ounce of LiquiVive® liquid vitamins every day will ensure you are receiving all of the essential nutrients your body needs to be healthy and feel younger, every single day, from a pure and healthy whole food source.

LiquiVive Is Processed At Low Temperatures. This is a costly, but vitally important manufacturing process, because most supplements are processed using high heat. High heat can kill most of the efficacy and integrity of the nutrients, and can create a near useless supplement with negligible benefit. Most vitamin manufacturers are actually "cooking" all of the usefulness of their supplements right out of their product. Processing at low temperatures or "cold processing" is much more expensive and time consuming, but it is absolutely vital to the value and integrity of the product. This, added to all of the other benefits, truly sets LiquiVive apart from any other supplement. 


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